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The Allergy Kit

My personal path to health and wellness began when I realized how truly harmful the steroids I was regularly prescribed for allergies were to my body. I found myself unable to lose weight, despite a careful diet and exercise regiment. I found my blood pressure creeping up. While it hadn't reached a dangerous level, I was concerned by the increasing numbers as I edged closer and closer to borderline hypertension.

In absolute frustration, I did what "everyone does", I searched the web! While that comment is somewhat self deprecating, I just wanted to do a bit of research so I was informed the next time I had to see my doctor for some allergic reaction. I wanted to intelligently ask about alternatives to the steroids that had become my default treatment. I had been prescribed steroids 8 times in a 12 month period.

The Allergy KitI discovered The Allergy Kit, a do it yourself home treatment. It is natural and drug free. It sounded too good to be true, but I thought, it also couldn't hurt. I contacted the company directly and offered to test the product in exchange for an honest review, knowing what a great fit The Allergy Kit would be for Our Daily Green, a blog dedicated to green and healthy living. This statement also serves as my legal disclaimer. I received my kit no charge. But as a writer of integrity, I would not endorse a product that didn't work. I would have returned it and not written a review if it hadn't worked.

To explain the science behind The Allergy Kit, I want to explain a bit about how allergies work and how the body reacts to an allergen. According to HowStuffWorks,
As amazing as the immune system is, it sometimes makes mistakes. Allergies are the result of a hypersensitive immune system. The allergic immune system misidentifies an otherwise innocuous substance as harmful, and then attacks the substance with a ferocity far greater than required. The problems this attack can cause range from mildly inconvenient and uncomfortable to the total failure of the organism the immune system is supposed to be protecting.
What The Allergy Kit does is systematically reprogram the immune system through a holistically based treatment similar to acupuncture. The Allergy Kit's natural allergy treatment helps your body reestablish a positive relationship with the allergen by using a laser or tapping to stimulate the acupuncture points that are reacting to the allergen. Concentrated homeopathic vials that represent the allergen are used to stimulate the body's response and reprogram it.

The Allergy Kit comes with seven vials of common allergens. It is important to use each vial in order and follow the instructions to the letter. I say this because I can honestly testify that it worked and I followed the instructions, so that is what I recommend.

If you suffer from food or environmental allergies, I cannot recommend The Allergy Kit enough. They offer a 30 day trial period, so even if it doesn't work, there is no financial risk. Just send the kit back. After the initial seven vials are finished, they can be repeated as needed, in no particular order. There are also supplemental vials for less common allergies to treat after the initial treatment.

Natural allergy relief


Anonymous said...

What kind of allergies did you have? What were your symptoms and how did it affect those symptoms? It sounds fishy that you didn't address any of your symptoms but you were cured. If I was cured of an allergy, I would tell how much better I felt....lol

FreshGreen Kim said...

I had skin allergies. After trips to the doctor and dermatologist, and receiving prescriptions for steroids 8 times in a year, I did some research. My allergies are primarily "outdoor" stuff. I would step outside and do yardwork and by that evening, I was covered in hives. Neither did I say I was cured, I said there was a significant improvement and that I haven't had to take steroids since.

The premise behind The Allergy Kit is that everyone is a little allergic to almost everything. Our body reacts adversely to small triggers. So the kit treats someone for all allergens. (here is the first post I wrote regarding The Allergy Kit which was much more specific: http://ourdailygreenlife.blogspot.com/2012/08/drug-free-allergy-relief.html)
*an excerpt*
With additional research, we learned that many environmental factors from what we eat, to what we breathe, to what we wear can cause an allergic reaction. Since it's impossible to avoid the slew of allergens surrounding us, instead, we began to learn about an alternative treatment for allergies.

Since late June, we have been testing The Allergy Kit, developed by Dr. Ynge Ljung. The treatment is based on energy healing and acupuncture. The kit contains vials of the allergen to be used with a laser to reprogram the body into processing the food and environmental allergens in a non reactive way. I admit that I was completely skeptical when I contacted the company, but still held out some hope. I figured it couldn't hurt so I decided to try it.

The process is a relatively simple one, utilizing one part faith, one part energy, and one part acupuncture. Yes, the power of positive thinking is at play and there is a mantra to recite before using each treatment. There are seven vials of "energized allergens" to use, sequentially, as they build on each other. The laser acts as an electronic sort of needle and stimulates the different points in the body that react.

I took a personal medical assessment prior to beginning the treatment and completed another one today. On June 26, my self reported health score was 51, based on a comprehensive list of neurological, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, respiratory, urinary, skin, and female symptoms. I did the same analysis today, about 6 weeks later, and report a vast improvement, to 31.

MyIncomeHelper said...

I am very close to ordering this program. I've had mcs for over 15 years now and I want to be "normal" again. I've ordered the Amygdala Retraining program and while it has helped to some degree and probably would help fully, I am not in the environment I need to be in to truly give it my all. I came across this allergy kit a couple years ago and at that time, they didn't have the laser options or at least, I did not see it on their site. I believe it just had you use EFT with it and in my experience, EFT and I just don't seem to get along well. I've had one emergency NAET treatment before though and know that this does indeed work. This allergy kit seems to be just that, but one that you can do yourself. Now that they have the lasers, I believe this will work for me. If it does, it would truly be a miracle! I can't tolerate any perfumes or scented products at all and getting in a rental car or staying in a hotel room are very dangerous for me currently. If this works, it would open up a whole new world for me. Thanks for sharing your experience! May I ask what allergies you had that it helped you with?


FreshGreen Kim said...

Hi Kimberly, Thanks for your message. My best recommendation is to try it and see what happens. I was so skeptical. I couldn't imagine this holistic treatment would help, but I also was willing to suspend disbelief long enough to give it a fair shake.

My primary allergies were plant/pollen based. I would literally step outside and wind up with hives. I love to garden and it became increasingly difficult. The hives were a risk I took from time to time but eventually wound up with steroids to try to keep my reactions under control. The premise of the kit though, is also that we're all a little allergic to many things. I found this to be true as the pre & post treatment analysis found major improvements in many areas that I never considered were allergic reactions. (I had an appointment with an allergy specialist, though honestly, I never have understood how knowing WHAT you were allergic to would help you other than trying to avoid it and some allergens just cannot be avoided). Understand I also am the parent of a child with latex allergy. Imagine avoiding that!

I don't know how it will work for you. I do know that if you believe and understand the science behind NAET, you will have no problem using this kit. It's holistic, Eastern based treatment. I personally recommend the laser kit, it's calibrated to work best with the concentrated allergens in a laser acupuncture and aural treatment way. All I know is that last year, the day after Mother's Day, was the last time I had to take steroids. I had used them 8 times in the previous year.

itchylittleworld.com said...

Hi Kim - I'm using the kit right now. The first pass with the laser worked a little, but not enough. I'm going back using the tapping method and seeing better results. Staying hopeful!


FreshGreen Kim said...

I will say this. I did abstain with the laser treatment. I figured I wanted to give everything the best possible chance of working. (when I first tested the allergy kit, that was their recommendation, although now the kit says you don't need to abstain with the laser).

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, my name is Jill in St Louis, Missouri.I wanted to share with you all that I did an extensive amount of research (reading all the information on the website and watching youtube videos)on The Allergy Kit. Prior to the online purchase I called the phone number listed on the webiste. Herb answered and was extremely pleasant. I purchased the lazer allergy kit and I can not wait to receive it! 30 minutes after purchasing the kit online I got a confirmation email with a tracking code :)Herb emailed me last night and and informed me they are in the process of putting together an Emotions Kit as well! I hope The Allergy Kit works! I'd be the first customer for The Emotions Kit :) I promise to keep you all posted on my progress!! Thanks :)

FreshGreen Kim said...

Jill, thank you so much for your comment... I hope to hear back from you how well this worked! I'm going on 13 months without steroids, it's been amazing!

Anonymous said...

This is Michael in San Diego. I came across this web site while researching 'The Allergy Kit', cold lasers vs 660nm LED lights, and photonic energy induction. My question is this: Kim, are you enrolled in the affiliate program of 'The Allergy Kit' website? Thanks.

FreshGreen Kim said...

Hi Michael. When I published this particular post, I was not. However, after my success, I did sign on as an affiliate with the hope of sharing a treatment that worked for me with other folks who are at their wit's end with allergies.

I will also testify that I have not had an outbreak of hives since last summer when I first used The Allergy Kit.

Anonymous said...

I was severely allergic to MSG for the last 2-3 years and basically gave up hope of ever finding a solution. When I ate MSG or other chemicals that had a high amount of processed free glutamates (hydrolyzed soy protein, yeast extract, autolyzed yeast extract, etc) I would get a massive bright red skin rash on my arm that would last FOUR months! I thought since The Allergy Kit is risk free and since NAET has worked for my friends, I might as well give it a try. I treated myself twice for MSG (after completing the previous 7 vials of course) before eating it. I started by eating just one Ketchup chip (which would normally cause a reaction). I waited 30 minutes which is the usual amount of time for a reaction to occur. Then I tried eating two chips and still no reaction. Then I finished the whole bag of MSG ridden chips and NO REACTION at all! I was absolutely amazed. I still had 2% doubt in my mind that this could have actually happened, so the next day I went all out! I went to the grocery store and bought an asian stir fry with MSG, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, and Yeast Extract. I ate the entire bowl and not even the smallest sign of a rash. THE ALLERGY KIT WORKS! I have visual proof! I’m a believer and I will tell everyone I know to try it!!

FreshGreen Kim said...

Anonymyous, I am so happy to hear another success story. Like you, I was very skeptical, but figured it was worth it. I am so convinced that it could help some folks who suffer that I am now an affiliate. It's risk free and the only thing you could lose is your reactions! Sounds like a plan. You've made my day, thank you!

Marianne Hair said...

I am considering purchasing The Allergy Kit, however I am hoping to find someone else who has used it for a child with severe gluten intolerance. I greatly appreciate any information you share!

Marianne Hair said...

Has anyone used The Allergy Kit for severe gluten issues and/or on a child? I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide.

Julia said...

Kim, did the basic 7 vials take care of your outside-allergies? Or did you buy the extra vials (like trees)? If so, which ones? Thx. Julia.

FreshGreen Kim said...

It did. Now each season since I've started using The Allergy Kit, I will do a cycle of the vials before the allergies start. I've been so grateful not to start itching the minute I start gardening. And YES, Spring is coming!

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