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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Confessional Green

To maintain the level of efficiency on my 80/20 plan, I thought I would harken back to the religion of my youth and confess... asking for your absolution.

Here is this week's box of purge: A beautiful basket fashioned from a gourd that I bought at a craft show in 1998. For over 10 years now, that basket has served as a catch all for clutter in my bathroom, some of the things I discovered in that basket included magazine subscription cards (apparently they fell out when I used to store magazines in there?), free samples of beauty products I'll never use and a handful of candle stubs. (Which as I referenced earlier, I did put to good use).

Other items in my purge box include placemats, wall pictures that fit in really well in my old home, but after 2 years I have no place for them here, a plastic child's step stool that looked like a turtle from when the kids were too short to reach the sink when they brushed their teeth (but it's still adorable and cute!), and other assorted miscellany from the corners of my house. I confess that I am really reluctant to part with the gourd basket. (hurry, before I rescue it to see another day of holding clutter!)...

Instead of rescuing it, I'm enshrining it forever on my blog. Bye bye gourd basket!

I'm almost at the 20% failure goal (which means 80% success!) since I also threw out a few bottles of hairspray that never held my locks in place, as advertised. (But I did empty it and put the containers in the recycling bin, that counts, right?)

Happy greening and simplifying!
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