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Friday, November 16, 2012

H2O at Home Review

H2O at homeA few weeks ago, Our Daily Green was contacted by the direct sales company, H2O at Home, to review some of their products. Founded in France thirteen years ago, this company has recently celebrated their first year in the United States.

Our Daily Green received an assortment of their products to test and review as their company values closely align with this blog. From their website:
Cleaning your home should not compromise your family’s health, which is why we create products that clean with just water or plant-based ingredients. These non-toxic solutions will keep your home sparkling without harsh chemical fumes, because your home is a retreat and should be the safest place for you and your family.
We strive to create products that are friendly towards the environment. We use environmentally friendly packaging, create forward-thinking solutions that reduce waste by cutting down on water usage, and stay away from ingredients that could cause pollution. We are constantly working to create products that will preserve our environment without compromising any results.
Upon receipt of their package, the first thing we are happy to report is the lack of unnecessary packaging.  It is a personal pet peeve when something like a piece of fabric is vacuum sealed in layers of plastic then bubble wrapped... apparently to protect it? during shipping? 

Instead, their products were neatly placed in a recyclable cardboard shipping box, with paper tape. The labels were simple recycled cardboard with nice identification sticker. So our first thought was how nice to see a company that actually practices what it preaches.

The assortment of home and personal care products we had to test was amazing. We had great microfiber cloths for cleaning the house, a special cleansing and exfoliating wash cloth for all skin types, laundry detergent, and our favorite cleaning product, the Natural Clay Powder.

This cleaning powder is unlike anything we've ever used before and it REALLY works. We used it in the "man-cave" bathroom in order to get the spare bathroom "mother-in-law" clean. (yes, you know what that means... it means spotless, sterile, and safe). It gently removed all the soap scum from the fiberglass shower, without leaving scratches, we used it on the glass doors, then the baseboards, the floor... we became a whirling dervish of cleaning. The smell is pleasant, void of chemicals and the powder works into a nice lather when moistened.

Another favorite product was the microfiber face cloth. The best description I can offer is that it's like a chamois for the face. The fiber gently exfoliates and stimulates my skin, without soap or harsh chemicals. Simply water and a well designed cloth are all that is needed to make my face glow.

Overall, we are extremely impressed with the product line. They have many items for all areas of the home that are natural, organic, and safe to use. H2O at home is available from their website or sales consultants around the nation or as a potential career of your own in the Direct Sales field. They have lovely products that make some of the least lovely chores in the home easier and safer. 

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