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About the Author

I am a freelance writer with a political science and communication degree. I write essays, business content, rants, raves, and dabble in poetry and short stories. I consider non-fiction my strength. Truth excites me.

I grew up on an organic vegetable farm so living in harmony with the earth and our bodies is something that comes naturally to me. I believe that the earlier a change is adopted the easier it is to integrate. I want to share my lifetime of experience with you via this blog in ways that feel more like a conversation between friends. I am truly passionate about this topic and I hope I can spark a flame in you as well. (Turning Green)

I like to think of myself as a superhero with a misplaced cape. My goal is to help people learn simple and effective ways we can all start making changes today. I love to network with like-minded friends. There is strength in numbers and unity. Please send me a note if you have a topic you'd like me to promote or if you'd like to trade links. I will consider sponsored posts if the company is one that fits the overall mission of Our Daily Green.
If you’re interested in contacting me privately, my email is freshgreenkim@hotmail.com
Thank you and welcome to the forum!

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I have published in a number of different online venues.
Here is a small sampling:

slices of life of a parent of a 'tween and a teen with a poignant and humorous twist
a website devoted to women who age gracefully
Writing Stories on Life
freelance writing interviews and tips

Our Daily Green accepts sponsored postings as well as links to companies that fit in with the mission of this blog. We promote earth friendly and ethical companies.  We work with several different affiliate companies to find products  our readers would find interesting. If there is something specific you are looking for, send us a note and we will do some research.

In trying to support our blog, share our passion, and learn about new products and companies along the way, we review or promote companies/products that support the mission of Our Daily Green. With that in mind, we turn down more opportunities than we accept. But it's important to disclose that occasionally we make money or receive merchandise in conjunction with this blog. 

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