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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The do’s and don'ts of hiding your septic tank (guest post)

A septic tank in your garden isn't something you want on show and visible to all your guests. It’s a topic that usually doesn't come up very often and is often classed as taboo. Many people have tried to disguise their septic tanks in a number of different ways, and whilst some have worked nicely, some ideas have had some severe side effects. This list of do’s and don’ts can help you have the ideal garden you always wanted, without any unsightly contraptions in sight:

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  • DON’T plant trees or large bushes next to the tank – Large bushes and tree roots can often grow into the septic tank, and depending on the size, can sometimes pierce it. This can cause a huge mess that can cost a lot to clean up and replace. Trees should be at least 25 feet from the drain field. 
  • DO add a large potted plant – Depending on where the septic tank is placed, a large potted plant can disguise the access hatch or cap. By keeping the plants in a pot you can avoid the roots interfering with the pipework or even the septic tank its self.
  •  DON’T cover with grass – Remember there still needs to be access to the septic tank on a regular basis, so anything that acts as a permanent cover will restrict this. Although having an even finish is aesthetically pleasing, especially if the tank is in the middle of your garden, you do need to think practically.
  • DO add a rock or feature – A nice collection of small rocks, real or fake can be creatively placed to create a stunning feature. As they can be removed and are not a permanent feature, when the time comes to empty the septic tank they can be easily moved.
  • DON’T put topsoil over the access point – In winter months this can freeze and prevent access to the septic tank when it needs emptying. 
  • DO add a statue – If you like the idea of statues or gnomes in your garden, this could be a creative way to hide your septic tank. The attention will be drawn away from the tank and up to the statue. If the statue is big enough it may cover the access point completely.
  •  DON’T install any fencing – This is not a total no-no, it just has to be done carefully. If fencing is placed around the edges of the septic tank it needs to be relatively shallow. It can’t be dug in too deep as this can affect the pipes running to and from the tank.
  • DO plant shrubbery or tall grass around the tank – Certain plants with fibrous roots are okay to plant around the tank. As they don’t have widespread roots they are not likely to have an impact on the tank or piping. The can also act as a nice barrier and disguise.
  • DON’T plant vegetables or fruit around the tank – Having edible items around your septic tank is never a good idea. They should be kept well away from the drain field area to avoid any contamination.

Now that you know how to disguise your septic tank, you can enjoy your garden without the irritation of having an eyesore in full view.

This post was written by Ekta Mair, a gardening enthusiast with a creative mind, she recommends A Better Service, an experienced and high class waste removal company. 
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