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Monday, July 11, 2011

Recycle that Bottle Green

Good morning to Our Daily Green's faithful readers.

We've been on vacation for the past week and have returned filled with ideas and inspiration to share with you. Our Daily Green had the pleasure of spending a week in Washington DC, the epicenter of all things politically correct and progressive for our nation.

One of the things that we noticed were dual trash cans, one for recycling and one for regular trash. We also noticed that as the recycling one began to overflow, the cans and bottles migrated to the regular trash can. Or were never separated in the first place. Then upon even further examination, the recycle bins were put in place by none other than a Major Beverage Company, Inc. Complete with corporate logos and accolades about how they are doing their part to reduce waste by plying us with single use bottled beverages at every turn, BUT giving us a special trash can that we may or may not use to possibly eventually recycle the single use bottles. It's a dream, all right. 

Our Daily Green has ranted about this before but it bears repeating. The Other Major Beverage Company has a goal of recycling 30% of their bottles and they wax poetic about how socially responsible they are on their corporate site. I have to wonder what happens to the other 70%? This same company does reuse refillable packaging in some nations, but not the Disposable States of America. It's gotten so out of control. As a kid, we drank water from a hose, not a sealed plastic bottle. 

In absolute fairness to these companies, while their efforts are certainly worthy, it still smacks of greenwashing, where the consumer is made to feel more responsible than they are by throwing a plastic bottle in one bin and not the other. Encouraging disposal of single use bottles in no way deals with the problem of all the bottles. It has become increasingly difficult to find water fountains and due to increased security in many public areas it's not even legal to bring your own refillable container with you.  Take heart, there actually is a free APP for water fountain locating

Our Daily Green is not prepared to give up and join the disposable nation. We think there are ways to quench thirst without drowning our landfills with garbage. What are some of the ways you try to reduce bottled water usage? Do you recycle them when you do use them? Or do you even worry about it? 

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