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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Applegate Farms Green

With the nation back to school, lunch packing is also on the rise. Cold cuts are one of the most popular and simple ways to put together a sandwich, but often are loaded with preservatives and chemicals. The founders of Applegate Farms wanted to change that. Stephen McDonald, a former vegetarian, found himself torn. He still enjoyed meat, but couldn't find healthy safe meat to consume.

Applegate has a philosophy that supports local farms, does not give medication to their animals, but instead fresh air, does not use hormones, or growth enhancers, and wants to change the way Americans eat meat.  Fifteen Things you can Tell your Mother about Applegate is a downloadable and printable PDF that explains their company mission in simple and honest terms.

Applegate believes in corporate transparency so strongly that a customer can enter the UPC of a product on their website and trace it from farm to table. Applegate's commitment to transparency extends beyond the boardroom or website and they are a vibrant member of the communities they serve. The Applegate Tour bus goes to community festivals, supermarkets and fairs to promote their healthy food. This fall, in association with the National Archives What's Cooking, Uncle Sam? exhibit, Applegate is helping underwrite the documentary Lunch Line
... illustrates that, while the National School Lunch Program has become an easy target for critics, the program has a unique capacity for addressing child welfare, the public good, and the problem of hunger. Revealing the history and complexity of these issues, Lunch Line shows how those on all sides of the lunch line can work together for a common good: the health of America’s kids.

Our Daily Green is proud to partner with Applegate. We received different samples of their newest products to taste and review prior to this post. We are happy to report complete satisfaction with the product. As a long time personal customer of Applegate lunch meats, it was exciting to taste about their new products and learn more about the company's continued dedication to healthy and sustainable food.

To learn more, find Applegate Farms on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.
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