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Friday, March 16, 2012

Win/Win/Win Green

Our Daily Green is thrilled to share a coupon site we've discovered. Consumers can save quite a bit by using coupons. It's interesting to note, as outlined in a Business Owner's Toolkit
...only a small percentage of coupons are actually used. Newspaper coupon redemption rates in the grocery, drug, and mass merchandise industry average between 1 percent and 5 percent. Redemption rates for other coupon delivery methods (e.g., mail, magazine, newspaper four-color inserts) vary widely, but still amount to less than 10 percent for most products.
From a green shopper's perspective that often is because coupons tend to be for items that would not be purchased in the first place. CommonKindness is different. Their first group of coupons is usually for organic and natural items found at health food stores and the sort. The have coupons for AlterEco fair trade goods, Rising Moon organics, and Woodstock organics. Additionally, they offer printable coupons for typical grocery store goods as well. Lastly, they offer internet coupon codes for online shopping sites. If a consumer  needs to purchase something, CommonKindness is a great starting point to look for available discounts and coupons. Again, with less than a 10% redemption rate, most companies are happy to offer coupons instead of lower prices.  

What makes CommonKindness truly different is their commitment to charity. Not only do they offer no cost coupons to the consumer, but they also donate anywhere from 20-66% of the value of the coupons printed to a charity of the consumer's choice. Each visit offers the chance to select a charity to support with a simple zip code or category search feature

From the consumer, to the charity, to the business, CommonKindness is a triple win. 

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