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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Working to protect the environment as a career

Environmental law concerns a multitude of issues that affect humanity as well as topics that influence the natural environment. This intricate area of law addresses issues concerning unclean natural waters, air pollution and other man made causes of unhealthy environments. Science also plays an important role regarding environmental law issues, and it helps to develop the reasoning behind many statutes and administrative rules. Environmental law is one of the fastest growing areas of law, whereby many graduate students are beginning to seek a more in-depth understanding of the developing legal issues with specific environmental law studies.

Environmental laws originate from a variety of different legal sources, including federal court decisions, federal administrative agencies, state court decisions and state legislatures. Graduate students in environmental masters programs assess the overall structure of how environmental laws affect humanity as a whole, and the study of how environmental law involves an understanding of federal and state states, administrative regulations and case law.

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Environmental laws began to expand rapidly during the 1970s, although one of the first cases regarding environmental law issues took place in the early 1960s. By the 1980s, more cases that affected environmental issues began to develop and establish legal precedent. Activist organizations were created, and more people developed a concern regarding the affects unnatural pollutants in the environment.

Overtime, law schools began to create separate environmental law courses, and a growing number of law students and master’s degree students began to choose environmental law as their majors or concentrations. Today environmental laws impact nearly every area of law, such as torts, constitutional law and criminal law. A widespread of job opportunities in environmental law is also expected to increase over the next decade. Many organizations are searching for innovative ways to help reduce the contaminants in the environment in addition to using “green” strategies to remain competitive in today’s industries.

Prospective master’s degree students in environmental law can enroll in the online master’s degree program in environmental law and policy. Juris Doctor (JD) holders can apply and enroll in the LLM program for environmental law. Being an advocate for environmental law, and helping to promote a healthier environment are hot topics in the current marketplace.

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