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Sunday, November 10, 2013

JayBird Sports BlueBuds giveaway

For many athletes, listening to music helps with training in the way of motivation as well as diversion. An informal survey among friends indicated a variety of ways music motivates them during their training.
Power walker Linda explains, "I power walk to HEART. Even if I ran, I would probably listen to them. Empowering. Motivating. Keeps me moving at a fast pace," while bike rider Robert finds another sort of music motivating, "I tend to listen to soundtrack scores...James Bond, Man of Steel, etc. The action movie music is intense, I visualize myself as the characters, and it motivates me to be tough...like them. Weird, but effective." Marathon runner Annmarie finds that "[she] listen[s] to all types of genres, depending on [her] mood and how far [she has] to run," and distance runner Molly explains her, "love [of] high energy dance music! [She] ran track in high school, kind of fell away from running and picked it back up in her early 30's....have been running at least 3-4 days a week since, sometimes more..."
BlueBuds Headphones

Whatever the genre of music, one thing is certain among many athletes. Music is an integral part of the workout. Jaybird headphones are designed with the athlete in mind. In fact, their BlueBuds X Bluetooth Headphones are the official training headphones of the USA Triathlon.

Jaybird headphones are state of the art. Beginning with the unique, patent pending customized X-FIT™, the wearer can use the versatile buds either over or under the ear with nothing on the neck, but still maintaining a secure fit. Patented voice prompt technology allows for hands-free operation, keeping the training stride smooth and unhampered by the need to manually adjust volume or music. The SHIFT premium bluetooth audio™ brings state of the art sound through a custom implementation of the native Bluetooth SBC codec to deliver a level of pure sound that is often only heard in wired headphones. Lastly the Jaybird BlueBuds have a lifetime warranty against damage from sweat, by utilizing Liquipel, a super hydrophobic process that provides added protection from exposure to sweat and the elements. With a remarkable battery life of 8 hours, Jaybird headphones leave nothing to chance to elevate an athlete's training from mundane to inspired.

Jaybird has a special promotion giving away one set of BlueBudsX Bluetooth Headphones, daily. To enter to win, click the drop down menu on the top right corner of their home page. With a retail value of $169.95, they can be used with any blu-tooth enabled device. Whatever sport you choose, if music moves you, this is the headphone for you.

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