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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Save money and protect the environment with solar modules

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Solar modules are used to build an off grid power system that is energized entirely by the sun. The sun is clean, green and is high up in the sky on most days. The modules have the ability to collect and store energy for those days the sun is hidden by clouds.

One of the best features about solar modules is they can be used in remote areas where the cost to extend the power grid is less than cost effective. The modules have no moving, mechanical parts and require little maintenance. Fossil fuels and nuclear power are given to pollution, and solar modules are not responsible for any environmental pollution.

Solar module users will find today's electric bills are lower. A properly sized solar module system could offset as much as 70% of the monthly electric bill. The system will pay for itself within 5 years, for most systems, and even sooner if the homeowner takes advantage of the state and federal incentives.

Solar power is considered an improvement to any home and will increase the value of the home. The value increase may even be greater than the cost of the system itself. The cost of electricity is factored into the affordability of a new home and home buying enthusiasts will find they can afford more home when there is energy saving devices at work.

Installing solar modules will allow the homeowner peace of mind and the knowledge of exercising independence from a utility company and their always escalating rates. Introducing other energy saving devices will allow the homeowner to make the home more luxurious and comfortable.

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