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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Zabada clean is natural, safe, and effective (product review)

In January, Our Daily Green received a cleaning kit from Zabada clean to test and review for our readers. Not only did we receive the merchandise, I also had the opportunity to talk to the company founder, Damian Pike, from Australia, where Zabada is a household name under the label ENJO.

Our Daily Green's communication with Zabada began when they were preparing their US product launch. Though we were unable to attend (it was in California, we're in Ohio), they took great care in sharing information about their product and how it would revolutionize the way we clean in the United States.

As Americans are starting to learn more and more that killing bacteria only makes it more resistant, we need to rethink what it means to clean our homes. The Zabada cleaning system is a household staple under the name ENJO in 20% of the Australian households.

In their San Francisco launch, Zabata proved that chemicals are not necessary for a clean surface, water and good fibers are.

From the press release:
Zabada’s environmental thought leaders toured San Francisco this week, demonstrating how the company’s microfiber cloths (when combined with water) decrease bacteria levels from household areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and floors. The science of this process is proved by using a bacteria monitoring device called a Lumitester to measure bacteria levels on a surface before and after cleaning with Zabada. Bloggers, high end restaurateurs and eco-friendly activists marveled at the demonstrations, where the Lumitester’s speedy measurements showed that Zabada’s microfiber products removed exponentially more bacteria than leading household chemical cleaners, including those claiming to be “environmentally friendly.”
Zabada Clean
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We actually meant to clean our house and post this review sooner than April, (much to Our Daily Green family's chagrin), but now that we've used Zabada, we're believers! You can clean with water and their tools.

We especially love the cleaning mitt pictured in the photo to the right. It did a fantastic job on our bathroom mirror and glass shower doors. See the video below for a demonstration of the product. Add water, wipe and dry. It's that simple.  Think about how many paper towels that will save!

For tougher cleaning problems, as pictured below, we asked Zabada about hard water stains. As you can see from the door of our front loading washing machine, we had a tremendous calcium buildup. We took photos before, during, and after cleaning with their Calcium Dissolver. We used the same product in our sinks but the images were not as easy to demonstrate how effective the product was.




If the photos or my willingness to share the crud inside my washing machine door, for the sake of a review, haven't convinced you, try it for yourself. Check out the different ways Zabada can make your house sparkle without chemicals.

disclaimer: Our Daily Green received the bathroom cleaning system and the calcium dissolver in exchange for this review. Our opinions remain our own. Our opinion will always remain, cleaning isn't fun. But at least with Zabada, it's safe and effective. 

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