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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cleaning your solar panels

Everyone who has solar panels installed at their home or business knows the value of these systems. Solar panels are good for the environment as they limit the reliance on electricity. Not only do the panels reduce your carbon footprint, they reduce your energy costs. While there are numerous benefits to having solar panels, they will need to undergo maintenance periodically. Many people know that they need to repair any broken panels. However, the same level concern is not given to cleaning solar panels. Here are three reasons to hire a solar panel cleaning firm in Brisbane to keep your solar panels in working condition.

Helps Your Solar Panels Last Longer

Businesses and homes schedule solar panel repairs in Brisbane fairly often. Regular maintenance helps you to detect issues before they become expensive, major problems. Having your panels cleaned regularly can prolong the life of your panels. Even though solar panels can last for 20 years, their components need regular cleaning and maintenance. Being negligent in maintaining your panels can cause problems that can affect your entire system.

Helps to Ensure That Your System is Running Properly

During your scheduled cleaning, a CEC solar panel cleaning expert will not only clean and inspect your panels to make sure they are running properly. If your solar panels are not functioning correctly, you could negatively affect your quality of life and experience a decrease in energy efficiency.

Prevent a Void in Your Warranty

Scheduling preventative maintenance for your solar panels is required under Australia Standard AS5033. You are required to have your solar panels inspected regularly or risk voiding your warranty and service provider agreement. Even missing one appointment can void your warranty. Without your warranty, you will be held financially responsible for any repairs to your solar panels. Solar panel repairs can be costly. Why risk the expense if you do not need to so?

When you have your solar panels cleaned, you can expect the company you select to schedule regular cleanings and a yearly audit and inspection. During these inspections, any problems with your solar panels will get fixed and runs properly. Look into solar panel cleaning companies to see if any offer any maintenance packages. These packages will help you save money on cleaning and repair services. Solar Service Guys are known for their repair and cleaning work. They are leaders in solar panel repair and help homes and businesses keep their solar panels in good, operating condition.

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