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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Benefits of using a solar snake repeller

Warding snakes away from your home, especially in the summer, is incredibly important and so is doing it in a humane way. Snakes can cause a lot of concern when they are nesting or inhabiting areas around your home. While deaths from snake bites are very uncommon; bites, just from the venomous kind, total tens of thousands every year around the world. If you live in a popular snake area then protecting your home against them is a necessity to ensure that you live a safer and worry-free life. Solar snake repellers are a popular an effective way of warding away snakes while keeping them and your family safe at the same time.

It is advised not to approach a snake, even if you know the type and breed; many snakes have evolved with the ability to mask their markings, making it hard to be certain about their species. A snake is a very instinctive animal and if they feel threatened and unable to escape it is likely that they will strike out at whoever is approaching them. With aggressive and venomous varieties, they may not need any disturbance in order to attack nearby people and will do so because it is a part of their nature. Keeping all types of snakes out of your home will safeguard you against unprecedented attacks as it is not always possible to know when you could be disturbing a snake nest.

Humane and effective

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Using this device to ward off snakes is an extremely humane way to keep them off your property and away from your family. The repellers create ultrasonic vibrations that turn your otherwise snake-friendly garden into an unsuitable snake habitat. The vibrations from the solar snake repeller ensure that the ground is uncomfortable for the snakes without harming them. The disruption will generally cause any snakes that have already set up home in your garden to leave and that any new snakes are discouraged from approaching or returning to their previous hiding spots. Constant use of the repellers will keep your home and garden snake free even during the more popular summer months when snake sightings considerably increase.

The solar snake repellers are designed to be easily incorporated into your garden and especially around the property boarder. The units are powered by the sun and will more often than not, dependent on the brand, also emit a light similar to that of normal solar garden lights. The vibrations will work constantly if the solar snake repeller receives adequate light to charge the batteries. The repellers are not dangerous to people as the nature of the design means that the vibrations are not felt by humans and are only noticeable to the snakes themselves.

Benefits of having a solar snake repeller

photo courtesy of: wikimedia commons
There are many benefits to seen by having a solar snake repeller or multiple repellers around your garden. Significantly the vibrations should ward off any approaching snakes before they enter your property line. If the repellers are placed in the correct places they should completely protect your garden and home from snakes of all varieties. When it comes to children who like to explore and be active in the garden, being able to do so with less worry about running into any snake nests is extremely beneficial. Snakes can be hard to see and many will be easily camouflaged in shrubbery or long grass.

Snakes actively seek out their prey and while in most cases this is not humans it will be most warm-blooded animals. This can include most pets and they have been many cases where snakes have killed family pets such as dogs or cats. Even the scent of these animals on a human could attract them closer and mistake the scent as the animal itself. Thoroughly covering the border to your home with solar snake repellers will act to keep them from seeking out the prey on your land. There are a lot of benefits that the repellers bring to your family, pets and general home safety.

A special thank you to SnakesAway for showing us sustainable, safe, and humane ways to share our planet with all the animals. 

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