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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sigrid Natural skin care (review)

organic ingredients for skin
Over the years, Our Daily Green has learned that as wonderful as simplifying our lives can be, we still crave a little beauty. We encourage the use of simple products, without chemicals. Sometimes it's as simple as jug of apple cider vinegar or jar of coconut oil. Not exactly reminiscent of an elegant and luxurious dressing table.

Imagine our delight when Sigrid Naturals reached out to us for a review! The simple and sustainable glass containers, the lovely aesthetic labels, but most importantly, the lovingly sourced natural botanical ingredients inside each jar.

Our Daily Green also appreciates a company that practices earth-mindfulness from start to finish. Our parcel was not over-packaged and each jar was wrapped safely for shipping in simple brown paper.

And then the ingredients-- like taking a walk in a botanical garden for your skin. No a single ingredient that cannot be pronounced or must be produced in a lab. Garden ingredients like: Beeswax, Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary, Shea Butter, and Yarrow. Every ingredient that is able to be sourced locally to Sigrid, is. It's truly impressive to see a company practice such social responsibility. For example, the Flower Power Night Cream ingredients include: Ontario grown certified organic sunflower oil infused with wild yarrow and red clover, Wilno spring water, beeswax and Niagara essential oil of lavender.

This all sounds wonderful, but of course like any green minded consumer, you also wonder how it works?

We were especially excited to try the healing balm as the winter coupled with allergic dermatitis has taken a toll on our hands and feet. The relief was instantaneous! We massaged the Calendula Healing Ointment into our feet before bed and woke to noticeably softer and smoother heels and toes. In the interest of saving our delicate readers the images of my feet, please just trust me on that testimony.

The Star Bright eye cream is gentle and smooth. Sometimes eye creams tend to burn a little, but there was none of this and the lingering moisturizing properties are a delight. It's not greasy or oily, just soothing.

Both the hand cream and night cream also were just as high quality as their counterparts. We also appreciate that Sigrid offers travel sizes of all their products if you'd like to test something without a huge commitment. They sell personal care items for babies, men, and children, as well as a line of natural perfumes, soaps and hair care products. Each item is created with thoughtful care and love.

Sigrid describes her company as a small town girl who started luxury skin care company and shares knowledge of indigenous plants and honey bees with people from all walks of life.

We are certainly happy to be on that same walk with her. Thank you again for inviting us to review your product. Additionally, upon learning that I was chairing an upcoming fundraiser for my daughter's school, Sigrid agreed to donate an extra set of products to raise money for our music education program. We are doubly grateful and give Sigrid Naturals our highest possible endorsement for having an excellent product made with integrity and for generous support of a small non-profit.

You can order Sigrid Naturals online: or find them on all the social media platforms. And if you're ever in Ontario, Canada, you can find several local retailers that carry the line.



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