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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Can you do laundry with just water and oxygen?

In 2009, Our Daily Green was founded. Our first post was about laundry. It's interesting to go back and see how much we've learned in nearly seven years. I started writing about using clotheslines, cold water, and eventually the detergents we use to launder our clothing. In our unending quest to reduce the chemicals we put into our body and back into our groundwater, we have continued the learning curve.

We're a little laundry obsessed as several members of our family suffer from skin allergies. The first thing we looked at was what was next to our skin 24/7. Clothes. It's interesting to note that typical detergents leave a residue in the fibers of the fabric and that literally after 10 washes, your clothing weighs 2% more. If you've ever noticed white streaks on your laundry or a stiff feeling to your fabric, that's the un-rinsed detergent embedded in the fibers.

We recently discovered the pureWash company, which has taken the technology used by hospitals and hotels, and created a system for home use that uses only cold water and oxygen to clean your laundry.

Wait?!? Cold water and oxygen? How in the world would that clean anything? Well, the science behind it is pretty solid. The patented technology has the cold water enter the device and passes through ionizing magnets, which prevents mineral build-up (another factor leading to dull looking clothing). After the water passes through the valve, a desiccant dryer pulls in outside air which then is charged to create several oxygen molecules to mix into the ionized water. These powerful molecules clean the clothes, removing dirt, mold, and bacteria. The science of charged water and oxygen is similar to the way a rainstorm cleans the air naturally.

We are so intrigued by this technology that we contacted the pureWash to discuss a collaboration. In the next month or so (we are in the process of remodeling our laundry room), we will be installing and reviewing the pureWash system. We received a complimentary pureWash Pro system in exchange for sharing our honest opinion. We cannot wait to share the results complete with photos of our great new way to do laundry that saves energy and minimizes chemicals for cleaning.

Stay tuned and contact us with any questions for our upcoming review.

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