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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Clean energy victory bonds

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From the first US Savings bond issued in 1935, United States savings bonds were created to give small investors a way to earn a return on their money, while enjoying an ironclad governmental guarantee by the United States.
clean energy victory bonds
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War Bonds were popular during World Wars I and II, helping the nation achieve victory over the enemies.

Today, our enemy is petroleum, whether considered concrete or abstract. After the recent BP debacle, coupled with the ongoing war in oil rich nations, petroleum seems to fund the national economic decisions. The only way to achieve victory against this insipid enemy is to create apathy. Apathy is only created by lack of dependence.

For eight presidential administrations, a pledge has been made to reduce petroleum dependence. The time is now to act. Public support from a financial place is paramount.

Green America is encouraging Congress to adopt "Victory Bonds" as investments in Clean Energy.
What if Americans could easily invest in all of the above? With Clean Energy Victory Bonds, we can!

Clean Energy Victory Bonds would allow anyone with an investment of as little as $100 to help create energy efficiency and renewable energy projects around the country.

In the past, when America has needed to mobilize public commitment and engage citizens in underwriting the costs of collective challenges, we have often turned to a simple financial solution: bonds. Like Woodrow Wilson’s Liberty Bonds and Franklin Roosevelt’s Victory Bonds, Clean Energy Victory Bonds would provide much needed financial capital for ensuring acceleration towards a clean energy economy.

Clean Energy Victory Bonds will enable millions of Americans to invest small amounts in clean energy technologies by buying bonds from the federal government. The $5 to $10 billion in proceeds from the bonds will be invested in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects around the country that will help to replace fossil fuels. The bonds will pay an annual interest rate back to the buyer, based partially on the energy savings or climate change emissions reductions generated by the investments from Clean Energy Victory Bonds.

Clean Energy Victory Bonds aren't yet available in the US, but Green America is working with White House and Hill staffers to create CEVB legislation.
Would you be willing to invest $100 to reduce our dependency on petroleum? To work towards a cleaner energy future?

If you're interested, contact your elected officials in Washington DC and share your thoughts. Show congress that Americans are ready to invest in clean energy and declare victory over petroleum!
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