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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Declared Energy Independence Green!

Declaring Energy Independence — Citizens of New Orleans and Gulf Coast Respond to BP Oil Spill

While the nation marked Independence Day last weekend with barbeques and fireworks, Global Green forged a new sort of way to commemorate our nation's birthday. A Declaration of Energy Independence. A challenge is issued to each citizen to find ways to use less oil, gas, and petroleum products.

On the local news front, Northeast Ohio is leading the way as Ohio is on track to install the first fresh water wind farm in the U.S. But one region is not enough. We need to form a united effort of person to person, city to city, state to state until the entire nation is collectively United as Americans to say NO to continued avaricious consumption of nonrenewable resources.

What will you do today to carry the torch of Energy Independence?


ConsciouslyFrugal said...

I love this concept. I wish we would declare indepedence from what harms and interdependence for what helps. Oh wait, we do that as green, frugal folk! :P

California Solar Engineering said...

Love this idea- We need to take the opportunity and run with it. support is on our side, lets not drop the ball when we're running this fast.