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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Canning guide green

Last week, Our Daily Green shared about our plethora of lemons. We found ourselves with an entire case of them and after exhausting many possibilities, we decided to try a bit of canning. While growing up on a farm, I was frequently an assistant to many canning projects, but I had never actually attempted to can anything solo and I really wasn't sure where to start.

Fortunately,  Our Daily Green received a fabulous guide to get us started with home canning, put together by another mom and blogger, Simply Sharon. I wasn't sure if I could work with the items I had in the house without buying canning equipment (just in case canning wasn't my cup of tea), but her canning guide, Simple Steps, walked me through the safest and most cost effective ways to can, how to can certain foods, and what I could use for which foods.

There are two types of food to can, low acid and high acid. High acid foods, such as lemons, do not require the same precautions as lower acid foods. There is a lot more explanation in the guide, but for my purposes, my questions were answered about lemons. Lemons are a high acid food, which can be safely canned in a water bath and also with reused jars. This is not the safest method for low acid foods, which again, is covered in the 41 page e-book.


Sharon's book is straight forward, with simple explanations and many pictures. All safety questions were answered as well as some methodology. Our Daily Green is so encouraged by her guide that we purchased a starter canning kit from an online auction. We also are researching a pressure canner for the lower acid foods we may want to can later this season. Her guide includes an overview of the basics, which canner to use, how to use both kinds of canners, what sort of equipment is needed, how to know the food is done, what to do if the jars don't seal. All the information a novice canner would need to get started.

Simply Canning is available in two formats. For an immediate download, Simply Sharon sells an e-book on the site. Otherwise, if you're more patient, and don't need all the information immediately, she also offers a free 6 week course, with one lesson weekly delivered to your email. The site has a vast array information and recommendations as well as a question and answer forum.

Simply Canning offers one of the most comprehensive places for information Our Daily Green has seen. With the help of the guide, we were able to make Moroccan Preserved Lemons, Lemon Marmalade, and fresh squeezed lemon juice. I love knowing that our food is prepared at home without any harmful ingredients or unnecessary fillers.

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