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Friday, June 24, 2011

Junk Mail Green

As fast as Our Daily Green discourages excessive consumerism, advertisers encourage it with mass mailings, catalogs and fliers. Even if you have opted out of junk mail in the past, somehow your name winds up on another list and your mailbox overflows with more advertisements. These advertisements not only tempt their customers to buy more stuff, they also have a tremendous impact on the environment.

Much of the unwanted mail  comes from sources the customer never sees or can track personally. Third party marketing services trade names and databases culled from prior purchases. Catalog Choice works to remove personal information from third party marketing lists and personal search services. With an annual donation of $20 or more, Catalog Choice will communicate and monitor all opt-outs to a list of key marketing companies. The company also has a free service to opt out of title-specific catalogs.

Catalog Choice is a nonprofit corporation based in Berkeley, California. They work with respected collaborators such as The Ecology Center, National Wildlife Federation and the Natural Resources Defense Council. They are supported through tax-deductible donations as well as  grants from the Overbrook Foundation, the Merck Family Fund, Kendeda Fund, Goldman Fund, Weeden Foundation, Mead Foundation, and Johnson Family Foundation. Catalog Choice offers a valuable service to customers by protecting their privacy as well as saving natural resources by reducing unwanted mail.

Catalog Choice works with communities around the United States to save costs by reducing waste, engaging  their citizens, and building community pride. To join communities like Chicago, Berkeley, or Seattle in measurable waste prevention programs, request a return on the investment analysis for your specific community.

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