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Friday, July 6, 2012

Home Repair Grants

As the summer progresses, so do the home repair projects. More and more folks are going green with their lighting and heating choices to save money and energy long term. The initial cost can be daunting and it's hard to know what choices are the most efficient or cost effective. As consumers try to navigate the choices it's nice to know that many states offer home repair grants for certain projects and choices.

One example is The Energy Team, which offers a home energy audit in New Jersey to help homeowners find financial assistance with home repairs before they spend their hard earned money on a less efficient project. With the number of Energy Star companies and products on the market, it's wise to have an expert assessment.

Find a company that participates with state energy offices to help analyze the most efficient methods to make repairs and upgrades. They screen contractors for LED lighting, solar water heaters, and water conservation plans as some of their services. Often, the best place to start before making a single home repair or upgrade is with a simple energy audit which can determine the most efficient changes to make and help a homeowner prioritize their work to receive the best return on their investment, saving hours of frustration and disappointment.
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