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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Holmes air purifier review

air purifier hepa filtersA few weeks ago, we published a preview of our Holmes Air Purifier review. We received our air purifier to review from the company.

We wanted to wait the full six week's trial period to give our best opinion, then time got away from us and it's been closer to eight weeks now. As you can tell from the photos of a new filter (green) next to the one we've used in our unit for two months (blue). There are quite a bit of dust, pollen, and general allergens being filtered out of the air, as is also evidenced by the washable front filter.

The filters are good for 12 months and there is a free online filter change reminder service available. I cannot imagine what this filter will look like in another 10 months.

All that aside, while I can see it's trapping allergens, the bigger question is if there is any improvement. Air quality is not something I have the technology to measure, but I do think from an unscientific study, that there was an improvement. We tested the purifier in my oldest child's room. While she didn't seem any better or worse, we did notice something else that was interesting.

Our family dog sleeps in her room. He also has a lot of allergies, and in summers past would spend most of the day licking and scratching himself sometimes to the point of hair loss and skin infections. We tended to spend several hundred dollars a season on different medications and special food.  This year, he has not had to visit the vet once and his discomfort is far reduced. To that end, I truly believe the only thing we've done differently is use the air purifier. For that reason, Our Daily Green endorses its effectiveness.

Seeing is believing in this case. Those impurities on the HEPA filter are not aggravating our dog's skin. He's been a much more pleasant companion this summer and we are grateful for the air purifier. There are a number of online coupons available for this product and if you or your pets suffer from allergies, you may want to try an air purifier.

Endorsed by Einstein, Our Daily Green's family dog.

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