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Friday, September 28, 2012

Green Cleaning for Fall

As the weather turns colder, and we button up our homes for the fall and winter, many homeowners clean their carpets. An ongoing concern of Our Daily Green's has been the affect on the indoor air of all the toxins and chemicals in traditional carpet cleaners, especially with closed windows and less air circulation.

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Even a mild exposure to the usual industrial carpet cleaners can cause eye irritation and skin sensitivities for family and pets.

But many companies are responding to consumer concern about such chemicals and now clean with naturally occurring enzyme-based cleansers including common table salt, antimicrobial salts, citric acid, and soda ash. Enzymes are a protein molecule that speed up the reactions of other chemicals. Enzymatic cleaners break down the chemical bonds in the stain. Many stains found in carpets are organically based, such as food, grass, soil, pet accidents, blood, even cigarette smoke. An enzyme based cleaner is a safe alternative without the side effects of typical cleaners.

Enzyme based cleaners have no corrosive or toxic side effects which makes them a preferred choice for homeowners. The environmental impact is lower, they do not affect indoor air quality.

Before you do your fall cleaning, take some time to research and find out your different options when you clean your carpets.

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