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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Green ways to light up your world

quoizel pendant lighting
It's human nature to want aesthetically pleasuing surroundings. We want to fill our space with beauty. In the past, that was a challenge for green minded folks who eschew consumption. But the desire and need for beauty can also co-exist with our values. We can embrace environmentally friendly choices at the same time we embrace beauty.

With new energy regulations in place, more and more consumers are switching to compact fluorescent bulbs (CPB) or light emitting diodes(LED).  As more and more consumers green the type of light bulbs they choose, there also are increasingly green choices in the light fixtures.  Many companies are utilizing recycled materials in the production of their fixtures. In an era where many folks complain that the lightbulbs are ugly, there are multiple options to conceal them.

Fixtures are inspired by the earth, with the use of natural materials, such as the agate embedded pendant in the picture. Other lighting fixtures, manufactured from repurposed or recycled materials are other options. The number of environmentally friendly options are only as limited as your research.

The opportunities to choose decor that not only reflects light, but also our personal values has never been greater.

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