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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Don't dispose, clean it!

When our family bought our first home, it was carpeted with a lovely plush wall to wall carpet. Every step we took through the home was cushioned beneath our feet.

Shortly after buying our home, we also got a family dog. The carpet no longer stayed clean and actually began to stretch and get matted with dirt.   Then we had a baby and the thought of a baby crawling on that carpet was enough to send any parent into a state of panic, yet the thought of chemically cleaning the carpet to then have our child and pet walking, playing and crawling on the chemicals was not any more attractive. 

Eventually, we ripped up and replaced the carpet and started anew. We were not alone. In fact, the Carpet & Rug institute estimates that 70% of all carpet that is replaced is for reasons other than wear. Carpet waste in landfills reaches nearly 800 million yards, annually.* We didn't realize there other options to cleaning and stretching and refurbishing the carpet in a safe and effective manner. Over the years, companies have developed cleaners that are non-toxic and biodegradable, while being effective, which is good news for homeowners as well as environmentalists everywhere. 
*according to statistics from Green Eco Services, the one click source for everything green. 
This post has been brought to you by a sponsor, but we do confess to replacing perfectly good carpet that we could have cleaned if we had known about environmentally friendly carpet cleaning companies. 

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