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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Get some "green" for college

Our Daily Green is excited to announce a $5000 scholarship opportunity from the folks at Nordic Naturals. Nordic Naturals are a supplement company committed to delivering the world’s safest, most effective omega oils.

Omega oils are associated with positive brain function. In a 2012 paper released by UCLA, structural brain aging is associated with lack of omega-3 acids in diet. Additionally, those whose levels of all omega-3 fatty acids were in the bottom 25 percent scored lower on tests of visual memory and executive function, including problem-solving, multi-tasking and abstract thinking. That study confirms prior studies,
"Food is like a pharmaceutical compound that affects the brain," said Fernando Gómez-Pinilla, a UCLA professor of neurosurgery and physiological science who has spent years studying the effects of food, exercise and sleep on the brain. "Diet, exercise and sleep have the potential to alter our brain health and mental function. This raises the exciting possibility that changes in diet are a viable strategy for enhancing cognitive abilities, protecting the brain from damage and counteracting the effects of aging." 
"Omega-3 fatty acids support synaptic plasticity and seem to positively affect the expression of several molecules related to learning and memory that are found on synapses," Gómez-Pinilla said. "Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for normal brain function."

To be eligible for the scholarship, as well as a one year supply of Nordic Natural supplements, any student who will be or currently does attend college is encouraged to apply. For details how to apply, see the Nordic Natural Facebook page.  

$5000 scholarship

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