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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

FREE Dual Flush Pro Conversion Kit!

One of the most frustrating, yet private discussions homeowners want to have is when toilets don't flush it all away. Yet a toilet is one of the most necessary and water dependent items in the house.

Our Daily Green recently received this notice about a free toilet conversion kit. The kit is normally $25.00, but from now until March 24th, the total cost of the kit is only shipping, at $10.

If you are looking for an affordable proven method for upgrading and turning your existing toilet into a high efficiency dual flush toilet, you have found the worlds most trusted toilet conversion kit. Dual Flush Pro is used by professional and homeowners around the world.  According to Dual Flush:
Overall savings will vary depending on the age of your toilet. If you currently have older toilets, and most of us do, with a 5 gallon capacity tank-your savings will shock you. For any of the newer model tanks, say 3.5 or 1.6 gallon, savings will be more than substantial.
One study documented dual flush water savings with flush volumes reduced by 68 per cent in single-family dwellings, 56 per cent in office washrooms, and 52 per cent in restaurants. Total water savings varies depending on frequency of use (for example, a coffee shop registered an average of 143 flushes per day). This explains how this revolutionary new product works and how it can start saving you money from the day it's installed.
Installing a dual flush toilet kit is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to save water and lower utility costs. You will ROI in just a few months depending on the up front cost and whether you pay for installation or do it yourself. If you have the basic tools needed or can acquire them and are comfortable following simple step by step instructions, you will see a return on your investment much quicker. If you prefer to have the Dual-Flush Pro kit professionally installed, call on your local plumber to do it for you; which should be no more than a basic service call. 
Save money, save water, help the environment; convert your toilet with a DualFlush Pro conversion kit today. The longer you wait the less you benefit.

In honor of the EPA Fix A Leak Week (March 18-24, 2013) and World Water Day 2013, Dual Flush is offering their toilet conversion kit FREE to U.S. residents.They will ship to any location within the continental United States for a flat rate shipping fee of $10.00 per kit. Additional charges may apply for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii.

It's their way of helping preserve our most precious natural resource, fresh water.
Free Conversion Kit

Offer is available from Feb 18th through March 24, 2013 only. 1 kit per residence. 

Additional charges will apply for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii.

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