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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Help Children Love Recycling

With constant focus on our planet and its future, every little bit helps when it comes to doing our part as humans on planet Earth. Why ask only the adults to do their part, when children can do just as well and can even enjoy it too! Here are ways to teach children how to be responsible for their global footprint while actually enjoying and learning knowledge for the future.

Children are subjected to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” from as young as kindergarten years. There are ways other than their education in school to show that recycling is important. Taking steps beyond showing them what can and cannot be recycled is important. Teaching children about composting shows them, in an understandable way, that we can do things to keep the planet healthy and constantly growing. Building compost is as easy as grabbing vegetable scraps and leaves and finding a place in the yard or a bin to mix them all together. You then add soil or compost on top of it all, making sure you add water onto each layer. Giving children something they can look forward to each day keeps them excited and intrigued.

electronic asset recovery in PhoenixWhile clothes donations are not a direct form of recycling, helping them understand how their charity can benefit others and bring a smile and warmth to another child is something they will forever cherish. Being that children grow out of clothes so fast, donating their old clothing to places like Goodwill and clothes donations cans is the easiest and most compassionate solution. If you explain the children that their clothes are going to another little girl or boy because they need them more will stick in a child’s mind. They also will find a sense of helping and happiness.

Children can be a great help when it comes to recycling household items that will be transformed from trash to brand new. Tell your children to collect soda or juice cans from around the house and explain they can get money back for their donation. This can easily be turned into a game of “what do you think can be recycled?” They earn cash for their contribution, which we all know children love to have. They then learn a sense of responsibility and if it continues, they take those lessons into adulthood. Doing these activities as a family is even more beneficial.

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Disclosure: This article has been brought to us by a sponsor, but we agree wholeheartedly that teaching children green at a young age is a good habit to start. 
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