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Monday, December 30, 2013

Power washing wood surfaces without harsh chemicals

image courtesy of: wikimedia commons
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Power washing is something that any homeowner can do. That doesn't mean it is the optimal way to approach it. While anyone can buy a power washer and use it properly, there are distinct advantages to professional techniques that may not be immediately obvious. Here are three of the top advantages to having professionals handle your power washing.

The first is that professionals can safely power wash a bigger variety of surfaces. Power washing well is about material sciences. There are many surfaces that simply aren't safe for power washing by default unless you know exactly how the material will respond to the pressure. Renew Crew is a company that boasts being able to power wash wood, for instance. Ordinarily wood is too soft and would be damaged by power washing. This improved versatility means that hiring a power washing team just once can cover a lot more ground than individually utilizing different cleaning processes on different surfaces. If they can handle the whole thing, they will.

The next reason is precision. There are circumstances under which you simply can't afford to have the pressure of the power washer hit certain surfaces. Professionals are well-trained in cleaning with precision. It allows them to clean tighter spaces than an amateur safely. In many cases they are also willing to guarantee the safety of their power washing and take care of any damage that might result from error on their part. There is no such guarantee for those that simply purchase a power washer.

Finally, professionals are capable of power washing with much more powerful tools. The power washers that are available in hardware stores are effective for rudimentary tasks but aren't capable of standing up to the deeper cleaning professionals can offer. This is because professionals can afford the outlay required for top-end equipment that uses and can safely maintain higher pressures. This often requires the use of expensive air compressors or high-pressure tools that can be very dangerous to handle without training.

These are just a few of the advantages that professionals have. In large part this simply indicates the advantages that can come from better training, practice and equipment and the depth of power washing as a task to perform. It's more complex than simply spraying down a surface with high-pressure water. It takes care and awareness of what different pressures can do, the appropriate angles to spray at, and so forth. Hiring professionals is therefore more than just a matter of convenience; it's a matter of quality as well.
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