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Friday, January 3, 2014

Pledge to stop using disposable cups in 2014

With New York City instituting a ban on styrofoam in 2014, it's time for green-minded folk to lead the way to a cup revolution, not just with styrofoam but also paper and plastic cups.

Our Daily Green recently traveled to NYC and we were astounded to see how quickly garbage accumulates in such a densely populated area. Each morning, we walked past bag after bag of single use cups and water bottles. We saw a few folks pushing around shopping carts, picking through the trash to find aluminum and plastic bottles, presumably to cash in, but for the most part, those disposable cups went from one use to the landfill, every single day. 

What do we suggest? BYOC -- Bring Your Own Cup. Bring a refillable, reusable cup and whenever you get coffee, tea or water, use that. At first, the clerks may seem befuddled, but they will catch on. Refill your water bottle. Vow not to use anything that will be in the trash when you're finished. Someone needs to lead the way. With a commitment to action, we can be part of the solution, not part of the problem. 

Reuse your cups
infographic courtesy of: Steely's drinkware

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