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Friday, May 30, 2014

Block Island Organics sunscreen review

As the month of May wraps up and we march towards summer, dreams of lazy, hazy days outside fill our minds. But with those summer dreams comes the summer reality of sun safety. According to the American Melanoma Foundation, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point in their life.

With those sort of sobering statistics, sunscreen is one of the best protections against that risk. But, according the the Environmental Working Group's guide to sunscreens,  many sunscreens contain dangerous chemicals that are absorbed into the skin and affect the endocrine system, causing hormonal disruptions as well as allergic skin reactions. The safest sunscreens are mineral based sunscreens, that instead of being absorbed by the skin, serve as a physical barrier to block the UV rays from penetrating. Mineral based sunscreens use titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to block the sun, without the risk of allergic reactions or endocrine disruption.

A USA-based, family-owned company, Block Island Organics recognized the problems with the chemical sunscreens as well as several of the earlier mineral based sunscreens, such as too thick a consistency, giving the product an unpleasant texture, which reduced the chance of it being used. After all, sunscreen only works when it's applied!

Block Island Organics developed a line of sunscreens that are reasonably priced, safe, and pleasant to use. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to review the sunscreen and share our opinion. We received several single use packets of sunscreen as well as a 6 oz. bottle for our testing, and took it with us to our town Memorial Day parade, where we shared the samples with friends and used the sunscreen during the 3 hours we were outside in the sunshine. We are happy to report that nobody who used the sunscreen got any sunburn that day and also, there were no telltale white streaks that are generally associated with zinc oxide based sunscreens. The consistency was smooth and easy to apply, ensuring that it will be well utilized throughout the summer.

Our Daily Green is thrilled to work with Block Island Organics. They have provided a special code just for our readers to use to save 20% on all sunscreen products through June 5, 2014. Just enter GREENKIM at the checkout for your savings.

To learn more about Block Island Organics:
Find them on FACEBOOK: Block Island Organics or TWITTER: BIOSuncare.

Disclosure: Our Daily Green received complimentary sunscreen in exchange for an honest review. We are happy to endorse this great small USA based business and commend their product. 

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