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Friday, May 30, 2014

Don't neglect mosquito control in your yard

When the temperatures turn warm, that means mosquitoes will begin to multiply. Without professional help, they can easily overrun a person’s yard. Sometimes it can become so bad that you can't enjoy the outdoors even in your own back yard. Of course, it goes without saying that you can never have friends over for a barbeque. Mosquitoes can easily turn an outdoor gathering into a nightmare. The mosquito is not just a nuisance; they have been known to carry disease. One example is the West Nile virus. The solution is a professional mosquito control service.

This image courtesy of the USDA as part of the public domain

Why use a professional service?

A company that has been in business for many years will have the skill and the chemicals to kill mosquitoes. Today, all of the best companies are using an all natural mosquito treatment to keep your yard safe for use. In addition, they know all about the mosquito. How these insects live and breed is an important aspect of controlling them. A professional can look at your yard and point to areas that need to be addressed to help control mosquitoes. There are certain places where water will gather that may be breeding grounds for the mosquito. By working with a professional mosquito control company, and getting the advice that is useful to you, mosquito control becomes a partnership between you and the mosquito control company.

Other services offered

Although it is common to use a spray method to treat the surrounding vegetation where mosquitoes live, there are other techniques that a good mosquito control company will offer. One example is a misting system. This is a method that utilizes tubing to deliver a spray that can last up to 30 seconds and be programmed to deliver this spray two to three times a day. It is set up to do so automatically and can be done at the most optimum time to keep mosquitoes at bay and to kill them. This is a perfect solution for yards that have a serious and persistent problem with mosquitoes. This type of system can be installed and maintained by a mosquito treatment company, so you have to do nothing at all.

In many instances ticks can be controlled and eliminated as well as mosquitoes. This is important because like mosquitoes, ticks can carry disease. The most common is Lyme disease. One call to a professional mosquito and tick control company can solve all of your problems. The Mosquito Squad is a good example of this type of company. They can be found throughout the country.

A special thank you to today's post sponsor for reminding us that there are safe and non-toxic ways to control mosquitos! 

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