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Thursday, August 5, 2010

One hundred things green

Today is Our Daily Green's 100th post. In the past year, I've posted 100 different ways to live a greener life for both your wallet and our planet. I've shared household hints, ethical companies, worthy charities, and earth friendly ideas.

When I started this blog it was with the hope that it would feel like a conversation between friends, not preachy. As a fun departure today and in the hopes of nurturing a friendship atmosphere, I want to share 100 things about FreshGreenKim that may serve as a springboard for common ground to build on that. Without further ado, I thank you in advance for your indulgence.

  1. My favorite food is fresh tomatoes. I cannot think of anything that makes my mouth water faster. I've been known to sit right in the garden when I'm supposed to be picking them, wiping them on my shorts and eating them right off the vine.
  2. A big fresh tomato was my eldest child's first solid food.
  3. I find very little to like about housekeeping.
  4. But I love clean floors and will spend hours a day vacuuming, mopping, sweeping. I also will clean on my hands and knees once a week because the mop doesn't get everything. I'm a bit OCD that way.
  5. I never liked sewing and some of my 4H creations looked like they were made for aliens, not humans.
  6. My idea of a perfect afternoon probably involves drinking red wine or a cold microbrew.
  7. I don't know how to order fancy coffees. The folks at coffee shops always look so disappointed when I ask for a plain, black coffee.
  8. I could drink plain, black coffee by the potful.
  9. I have unusually short fingers. I've never met an adult with smaller hands than I.
  10. But I have a large ring size, about 7.5 (in case you were inclined to buy me jewelry).
  11. I may be the only woman on the planet who doesn't like shoes. My feet are also a freak of nature.
  12. I have very short, wide feet and find most shoes horrible torture devices or like clown shoes because I have to buy them two sizes too big to accommodate the width.
  13. I live barefoot, in flip flops or slippers. And most of my socks have holes in them.
  14. When I was 5, I sang Silent Night at the top of my lungs during the pre-Christmas Eve mass. I'd like to imagine it was cute, but it probably was pretty obnoxious.
  15. When I was 10, I won Outstanding of the Day and Week at the Ohio State Fair for a public speaking contest.
  16. When I was 11, I represented my elementary school at the regional spelling bee and was eliminated in the first round on the word incense. (I overthought it, I*N*S*C*E*N*T*S). Incense has a scent, right?
  17. I never wanted to be a nun, but used to say the rosary with my grandma everyday when she was visiting to suck up.
  18. My other grandma taught me how to bake bread from scratch, a skill I still exercise from time to time.
  19. She also taught me how to fish, but that is not a skill I exercise, ever.
  20. She also taught me how to knit, and I taught my daughters. It's a skill they exercise far more often than I.
  21. Instruments I have played (not with any amount of skill, but usually with someone finally giving up on me): piano, clarinet, harp, and dulcimer.
  22. Harp and dulcimer were from girls who lived with us and tried to teach me. Unsuccessfully.
  23. I love music because I tried so hard to master an instrument. I appreciate the work that goes into making good music
  24. Literally, I had to stop piano lessons because my fingers stopped growing. (see #9)
  25. I admit it, I think fart jokes are funny.  Not the farts themselves though.
  26. I don't watch much television at all.
  27. When I do, my first choice is reality television, nothing esoteric or documentary-ish. I figure if I'm going to waste my time, I really want to waste it well. (shows I like include: Top Chef, American Idol, Celebrity Apprentice, Hoarders,  oh and ... Real Housewives of NJ)
  28. When I get into a book, the world disappears. I literally cannot put it down.
  29. I have tried to cook a meal with one hand and book in the other.
  30. I also tried to iron clothes the same way. Bad idea.
  31. I am a laundry freak. I love ironing, and even will iron polo style shirts, as well as my cloth napkins. It's how I get to catch up on reality TV.
  32. Organization does not come naturally or easily to me. I'm scatterbrained, but prefer to think of it as having multiple interests. {Oh look, a penny!}
  33. I cannot sing or remember the words to songs, but that never stops me.
  34. I hate hate hate the "slug bug" game.
  35. I invented a different game, where you tap the person next to you very, very lightly when you see a Cooper Mini.
  36. Speaking of hate, it's always been considered a curse word around Our Daily Green's house. So I amend #34. I cannot stand, abhor, cringe at the "slug bug" game.
  37. I also cannot stand eggplant. I cannot handle the slimy texture. Really. There is no way you'll sneak it a dish. I have a sensitive palate.
  38. I love jewelry, but not gems or expensive pieces. I don't want to have to worry about something I'm wearing.
  39. I developed a metal allergy and haven't worn earrings since my second child was born. She has the same issue.
  40. That is the ONLY reason my naval was never pierced 10 years ago when it was a really cool thing for moms to do. I never thought I'd be grateful for that allergy.
  41. I know it's unhealthy, but I love getting a tan. I love being outside in the sun. I try to be good about sunscreen, but sometimes am careless.
  42. If I could, I would move to a tropical Caribbean island and write all day. I'm thinking St. Martin, the French side would suit me well.
  43. I don't speak French, but spent about a year and a half as a translator for a French website. Thankfully, I knew the material and had good software.
  44. I don't speak any other language but wish I did. I had 3 years of Latin in HS and one year of German.
  45. I went to 3 different high schools, and the 3rd one didn't offer Latin, hence the year of German.
  46. I once dropped a phys ed class in college because I couldn't find the right entrance to the gym. All the doors I went to were locked, so I dropped the class.
  47. I almost didn't graduate from college because I waited until the last quarter to take that phys ed requirement again.
  48. It was volleyball and I thought it would be easy, even for a non-athlete like me.
  49. Our instructor (are college phys ed teachers Professors?) wanted us to master the overhand serve to pass the class. Hand eye coordination is not my strongest suit.
  50. Actually, coordination in general is not my strong suit.
  51. I always have a bruise somewhere on my body that I don't know how it got there, but I must have walked into something. (probably while reading a book, see #28-30!)
  52. Every single one of my freakishly short fingers has a scar on them.
  53. Nobody has ever called me to be a hand model.
  54. But I was in a television commercial. Two of them, in fact.
  55. I can speak publicly with ease, but acting paralyzes me.
  56. I've also sang karaoke in public, but to quote my spouse, "Don't feel bad, nobody's any good". He wasn't invited back.
  57. I have never found anything about exercise enjoyable. I think it's that clumsy thing (#50).
  58. I still do it, but not at gyms. Just in case I cannot find the door (#46)
  59. I run, but that's a generous term for it. I enjoy 5Ks mostly for the camaraderie, not the running part.
  60. When I was 12, I spent a season of softball where the only action I saw during games was running to roll up the coaches' windows when it started to rain.
  61. I've pretty much always gotten what I wanted, but I usually worked really hard for it.
  62. I was painfully shy throughout high school, probably from being the new kid all the time.
  63. Before then, I used to get in trouble for talking too much.
  64. By college, most of my shyness retreated again.
  65. My first real job was making keys and engraving gifts. 
  66. My next real job was at a grocery store.  
  67. My next real job was as a union rep. for the grocery store.
  68. I walked on a picket line when I was 8 months pregnant.
  69. My hardest job is the one I have now, being a parent.
  70. My easiest job is the one I am working on now, writing.
  71. I love to cook and will try almost anything.
  72. I've never liked cooking fish, though.
  73. I often order some sort of fish when I eat out and let someone else master the fish cooking.
  74. When I eat out, I really would rather eat 5*star less frequently than 3*star more often.
  75. My best dishes are probably Chicken Piccata or Tarragon Shrimp. Or maybe Chicken Paprikas. Recipes only given under duress or for major dollars.
  76. Yes, I can be bought.
  77. Though, I will probably give most of what I get away.
  78. I love helping the little guy. (#67)
  79. I am in love with a good cause. And I'm terminally gullible.
  80. I give money to beggars/panhandlers when I see them. The dollar I give them won't make my life worse, and POSSIBLY it will make theirs better, even if just for a moment.  
  81. My children make me smile and scream. Often within the same hour.
  82. I'm not afraid of hard work, but I'll always look for a shortcut.
  83. I have finally accepted that leadership is not a strong skill I possess.
  84. I don't like to delegate. I do all the work myself and then get mad that nobody helped.
  85. That's why I'm a better worker than leader.
  86. I like to weed my garden. Really. There is something zen-like that happens when pulling weeds.
  87. I am a former smoker, but not preachy about it. That's because I know I could pick it up again in a heartbeat. I could always take it or leave it. That's why quitting wasn't that hard for me, but starting up wouldn't be difficult either.
  88. The fact that I listed something about weeds and smoking one after the other is sheer coincidence. I do not partake in anything illegal. I cannot imagine how anyone could trust "the drug dealer" so I won't go there.
  89. That's why I like wine or beer. I trust Ernest and Julio's label. I know exactly what will happen if I have a glass or two or more.
  90. My faith has carried me through a lot of tough times. What Would Jesus Do is not just a trite rally call, but a reminder how to live.
  91. I sometimes cry when I see how people of faith hurt each other. It makes me want to hug an atheist.
  92. I cry easily and empathetically. When people I love hurt, so do I.
  93. Most people tell me my best feature is my smile. That makes me smile even more.
  94. My vision of the world is one where everyone loves each other and grasps hands, and maybe even sings Kumbayah. You don't even have to be on key or know all the words. (#56)
  95. I hate debating controversial issues, but I often start them anyway, so I can hear how other people feel. I just don't want to be the one countering. I prefer to throw it out there and sit and watch it unfold.
  96. I believed fervently in Santa Claus until I was (gasp) in 5th grade. My Sunday School teacher said something about "now that we're old enough to know there is no Santa, let's talk about what Christmas is really about".  As everyone nodded their heads, I felt my cheeks turn crimson.
  97. While I may have stopped the Santa belief, nobody will ever shake my believe in my fellow man. I believe honestly and sincerely that people are GOOD.
  98. People rise to the level of what we expect from them. I expect good.
  99. I wish I could be a stand up comic, but that's too close to acting.
  100. I really believe we can change the world for the better, one small step at a time. Wouldn't you join me?
Would you please share something with me that resonated with you or that may give me a smile?


vach said...

Congratulations on one hundred entries! LOVE this one (but only wish #98 truly worked---been burned repeatedly expecting the best from people!)

Kim said...

Thank you so much! I am sorry #98 has disappointed you, I think I have a lucky star over my head, because it's a belief that has served me well in life. You may find this amazing, but for example, I once went to this little independent farm and walked away with 6 free packages of ground beef and a dozen organic eggs... on the premise that we would buy half a beef. They trusted us on a mere handshake and a smile. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, but a luscious organic eggplant purple and bursting with the flavor of summer. Is it not the king of the superfoods?

Kim said...

Anon, you sound like someone who has been trying to sneak eggplant into my diet for years! ;)

And no, it is not an "official SuperFood,

However, I feel my foregoing of eggplant saves that much more for everyone else to enjoy.

Christy said...

We love the slug bug game! We also play tweety - whenever you see a yellow car, bus, van, semi, person in a yellow shirt, slide, construction equipment etc. you hollar out tweety - and that's it!
loved learning more about you!

Kim said...

We do tweet(er)y, too... and we invented another one called "Thunderbird" where you flap your arms and "Smart Car" where you tap your head. In the immortal words of a mom, I don't like "slug bug" because it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and someone did from an overly enthusiastic sighting. :)

milk n it said...

Can I have an AMENnnnaah! (#90) also,
... *holdin my hand out* (#80) j/k

Kim said...

LOL @ Milk! You can have all the Amens ya want, but that ya gotta send me a paypal acct. for your dollar :)

Steve said...

#31 I enjoy ironing if I have some time. I listen to the radio while ironing. Seems like LA Theater Works (radio drama) is frequently on during my ironing time. Cloth napkins are fun to iron because they're so easy. And when setting the table for a nice meal, pressed napkins are a nice finishing touch!

Bubbles said...

Happy 100th post!

While I'm here, do you happen to read Whole Living? The latest issue is their H20 tribute and it's pretty good. If you don't have it, I'd be happy to share mine.

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th! It took me well over a year to reach this benchmark, so congrats!

I thought what you said about your hands was interesting. My hands are my primary source of vanity. They're small but slender with long, nimble fingers and well shaped nails. Alas, despite their appearance, piano didn't turn out to be one of the things I was good at, either.