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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Consciously Frugal: The Many Wonders of Coffee

Gevalia Coffee offer
Great deal on coffee! 
Just a caveat, if you consume the coffee too late in the day, you will be reading and posting about it in the middle of the night! (smiling)

This is more borrowed wisdom from my fellow blog sister over at Consciously Frugal. I think she has more ideas than carter has little pills. (something my dad used to say).



John Ettorre said...

Kim, point well taken. I've managed to switch to green tea in the evening, which sure goes down a lot better. Now, coffee is only a bad habit at the breakfast hour. If only I could pare back from 4-5 cups a day!

Kim said...

I couldn't manage without my coffee or red wine. (not at the same times of day!) Thank goodness there are studies that suggest both have their benefits!

John Ettorre said...

How very European of you. I take it red wines are better than white?

Kim said...

I find reds have more gusto. Funny, I just read your red post. Perhaps it IS in the color.

White wines have a time/place, but given a choice, I'll take a red any day of the week. Especially the ones that end in Y.