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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Coffee Green

As the sun rises, so does the thought of fresh brewed coffee. Thank goodness for that chain coffee shop on the way to work.


No, no, no! Thank goodness you can brew your own cup of premium coffee in a reusable insulated mug right at home. For so many reasons, environmentally as well as economically, this is the right choice.

When you brew at home, you have the opportunity to purchase organically grown coffee, use filtered water, and have a reusable vessel. You're not driving any additional mileage while your car idles in a line to get a cup of coffee (and probably a very unhealthy pastry). You're also conserving time. It is much more efficient to brew coffee at home than drive and wait in line for it at a store. By the time you're to the store, you could have already had your first sip of hot fresh coffee.

An additional benefit is the compost you're making for your garden. Coffee grounds and brown unbleached filters are some of the best compost starters available.

I'll wrap up this post with a sip of my own steaming mug of fresh brewed coffee. Ahhhh, the taste of saving money and the environment is delicious!
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