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Monday, November 1, 2010

Casting a Ballot Green

Tomorrow is midterm election day across the United States. While Our Daily Green wishes frequently that love of the earth not be politicized unfortunately, it's a hot button for many candidates.

Because our elected officials can effect long term decision making, it's imperative that voters make informed choices. We have the power to choose those who will enact policies that protect the environment and our planet.

Sorting through candidate websites and making sense of confusing political advertisements can overwhelm even the most diligent voter. Our Daily Green has two non partisan resources that we recommend to seek out candidates whose platforms best match environmentally friendly actions.

On The Issues allows a voter to search by state, candidate and issue. The site could use a bit of updating. For example, we were disappointed to find that only one candidate was listed in our states' governor race. But On The Issues still contains a plethora of information on topics that may be of environmental concern, such as:

  • Budget & Economy 
  • Corporations
  • Energy & Oil
  • Environment
  • Foreign Policy
  • Free Trade
  • Government Reform
  • Health Care   
  • Technology

  • The site is easy to use if a bit limited in the information. It's still a good resource to double check information or learn a bit more in depth.

    Another site Our Daily Green recommends is being touted as the "" of political websites,

    Project Vote Smart contains interactive tools to match personal beliefs and ideologies to the candidate that best reflects them. It has several listed issues and also allows the voter to rank the by level of importance. It's a fabulous resource to double check how well a candidate matches up with your important issues.

    Our Daily Green urges everyone to vote tomorrow. If you weren't certain who to vote for, utilize the very simple  resources we've shared here and make your voice heard.

    Thank you again!

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