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Monday, January 24, 2011

LED Lightbulb Green *chance to win a light makeover*

One of the single biggest energy consumers in the house are traditional light bulbs. While many consumers are making a switch to compact fluorescent bulbs, which is indeed an improvement, there are still some problems with fluorescents that can be circumvented by use of LEDs.

LED lights (light emitting diodes) are literally cool. They emit no heat, they are highly energy efficient, and they contain no mercury so that in 17 years (approximately) when they burn out and need disposal, there are no hazardous waste considerations. Other advantages include the ability to dim an LED light, to soften the mood, when necessary.

Fluorescent bulbs DO contain trace amounts of mercury. While it takes a long long time for them to burn out, when they do, their disposal must be handled as hazardous waste. In fact, it is illegal to throw out CFLs in many states. (Here is an interactive state by state guide, courtesy of 1800recycling.com).

Our Daily Green has utilized LED holiday lights, and looks forward to the next phase. We liken CFLs to LEDs the way cassette tapes are to compact discs. Both deliver the same product, but the latter is much more user friendly and efficient. Our Daily Green is honored to promote a fabulous contest for anyone who uses light in their building. That's right! If you turn on a switch to see what you're doing in your space, you are eligible to enter this promotion!

Cree CR6 LED downlight
Cree Lighting, a revolutionary LED company is offering one lighting makeover/monthly to a lucky entrant. All the entrant has to do is take a photo of a poorly lit area, explain briefly how an LED makeover would benefit their space and they are eligible! Really, it's that simple!

Each month the Cree prize selection committee reviews the photos and selects a winner to receive 5 Cree CR6 LED downlights. These are lights intended for recessed lighting fixtures. They only consume 10.5 Watts, but they deliver warm light and are designed to replace up to a 65 Watt incandescent light. They also work with dimmers and are dimmable to 5 percent.

As a disclaimer, Our Daily Green has received nothing for this post. Really, other than the joy of knowing we can promote LED lighting as the next step in truly green living. Our Daily Green was contacted by Cree to guage our interest in their product and liked the contest so we wanted to share it with you. Currently, LED bulbs are pretty expensive. The value of a makeover with an estimated retail value of $49/lightbulb is around $200!

If you are in a building that could benefit from a lighting makeover, be it a school, home, church, or business... get your camera out, polish up a few words and send in your entry. Cree chooses and showcases one entrant a month.

Past winners are featured here, including a cat shelter in Michigan. Customers include Lee University and Denny's restaurants. Cree also has partnered with Habitat for Humanity International  and pledged $1.5 million to provide high-efficiency Cree LED downlights for the kitchens in all new Habitat homes built in the United States over the next three years.

What are you waiting for? Get your camera out and ENTER to win...
Good luck and please let me know how this works out for you! If any of the winners come through Our Daily Green, we will do a feature story on you in the future!

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