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Monday, January 17, 2011

Remember your bag green

One of Our Daily Green's first posts of 2011 reminded us to take our own bags to the store. Personally, my biggest problem was more about remembering to take my bags IN the store. Week after week, I either would do either run back out to my car, try to juggle my items without a bag (but with keys and a purse, not such a graceful sight to behold), or the worst option, just get the store bags and vow to remember my own "next time".

Shortly after that post, we discovered a wonderful company whose mission is to educate and assist implementing this very small but vital step. ConservingNow is the dedicated mother/daughter team of Gayle and Meghan:
Meghan is a lawyer who believes that lasting change requires community and legislative action. She is deeply committed to environmental living and blogs about conservation issues and news. She was inspired by cities (such as San Francisco, CA) and countries (such as Ireland), in their quests to rid their environments of toxic plastic bags. 
Gayle began her career as a first grade teacher who believes that early education creates positive lifelong habits. She was widely recognized for her innovative teaching style as one of the first educators to utilize computers in the classroom to teach reading. As a former educator and CEO, Gayle understands the challenges business and community leaders, teachers and parents face in creating positive and sustainable, long-term changes.
ConservingNow's site is filled with many resources to educate and assist. One of the simplest items is a FREE window cling reminder.  They also sell an array of colorful and compact Envirosax™, a durable, water resistant, compact bag that carries up to 44 pounds/20kg. The Envirosax™ is available in over 20 different designs, and folds down to approximately the size of a tennis ball, to conveniently be carried in your purse or jacket pocket at all times.

One of  the most valuable resources ConservingNow offers is their age and grade appropriate teaching kits. What a great Earth Day lesson for a classroom! Each kit contains 30 window clings, canvas bags, and books, templates, and calendars, as well as an oversized bag for the teacher.

Conserving Now will send one Our Daily Green Reader the Envirosax™ of their choice. To be eligible, please like their

Facebook Page: ConservingNow

and leave a comment in this post so we can verify. For additional entries, tweet or share this post and leave a comment indicating as much. This giveaway will end January 31, 2011 at midnight EST. The winner will be chosen from random qualified entries.

ConservingNow also is offering free shipping on orders over $25.00 as well as 10% off a first time purchase.

a fabulous way to use Envirosax™ as a gift wrap
love love love this idea
much better than a disposable gift bag

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