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Monday, February 28, 2011

Cosmetics Green

In the past, Our Daily Green has shared information about reducing the chemicals in our environment as well as what we put on our bodies. Just this year alone, we encouraged readers to try a few days without soap, find a safer laundry detergent,  and rethink how we cook and package our food.

Today's tidbit to consider is the cosmetics we use. In our most noble state of mind, we can argue that we shouldn't even use cosmetics. Since we are an 80/20 blog, we would rather encourage our readers to find safer, more earth friendly, more socially responsible cosmetic alternatives.

The truth is, while I don't wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis, I do like it. I love taking a few minutes to polish my look and enhance my features. I have teenage daughters who are undergoing that amazing rite of passage to womanhood. There are cosmetics in Our Daily Green's home. But when a green lover such as myself sees videos like Annie Leonard's Story of Cosmetics, it gives us pause. (fact sheet)

Over the next few weeks, Our Daily Green has been given the opportunity to review several organic and socially responsible cosmetic companies. Stay tuned for our upcoming reviews.

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