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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saving Green

From the very first post, the mission of Our Daily Green has been and continues to be promoting not only an eco-friendly lifestyle, but also the ways that such a lifestyle is wallet friendly. Saving two types of green, the planet and money.

We actively contact companies for giveaways and promote contests that save our readers money. We've partnered with Bricor for free and discounted low flow shower heads, ConservingNow for free shopping bags, and our current February promotion, Charlie's Soap laundry detergent. We understand that if green choices are more expensive, there is no short term benefit to making them.

America Saves is a non profit organization that promotes savings at all levels of income. They offer tips and strategies to encourage all Americans to assess their savings progress and take action to build wealth, not debt. Your savings tip can be worth a $50 EE savings bond if it is selected for publication. For the youngest savers, submit a short video to the When I Grow Up contest to be eligible for $1000 savings bond. Get a jump start on saving! 

Next week, February 20-27, is America Saves Week, a national event filled with encouraging tips and ideas to grow our savings accounts and reduce our debt.  

As part of the same mission, Choose to Save offers an array of  user-friendly, multimedia materials to help individuals plan and save for their financial future, including:

  • Brochures  with valuable saving information for any stage of life
What are some of your favorite strategies for saving?

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