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Monday, January 23, 2012

Eight Tips To Boost Your Energy Level (guest post)

This is a guest post by Patricia Wright, Chief Savings Officer at Rollback. Patricia's website offers free coupons for over a million stores. Our Daily Green has featured coupon sites previously and what we like about Rollback is how comprehensive their information is. Remember, living green is about keeping more green in the wallet as well as our planet. Thank you, Patricia for sharing this article. 

The key to a successful and happy life is feeling energetic. When you're energized, you feel a power within yourself to achieve anything.

Here are some tricks to constantly stay in that "I can do anything in life" mode.

1. Take Power Naps

When you enter the "zoned-out zombie" mode at work, take a 10 minute power nap. By nap we don't mean snoring like Godzilla at the office. Just lean back, close your eyes, and think of nothing.
Forget everything while you power up. Take deep breaths.

2. Talk To Friends

Whenever I run into a friend on the street, I walk away feeling a lot more energetic. So reach out to a friend if you need a boost. Call up a good friend for 2 minutes for a quick recharge.

3. Listen to Active Music

When you're feeling slow, forget Cold Play and Frank Sinatra. Bring out the Black Eyed Peas and Deadmou5! But don't get carried away. 2-3 songs are enough to get you back in action.

4. Sleep Early and Enough

Best time to sleep is 10pm to 6am. If your alarm blasts you out of bed every morning, it's time to change your late night routine. Get enough sleep.

5. Morning Walk

Even a quick 10 minute walk in the morning will boost your energy. But an evening walk is drastically different. Your day will be happier with an early morning stroll.
This is a big one. Try it!

6. Act Energetic

Studies have shown that when you move faster, your metabolism kicks into high speed. Acting energetic makes you feel energetic!

7. Finish Small Tasks

Checking off a chore from your to-do list gives you a rush of energy. For a surge of power, organize your closet! You'll be surprised how great you feel when it's done.

8. Don't Misuse Food

When you're feeling down, stay the heck away from that carton of ice cream! All those extra calories just drag you down even more. Go outside for a short walk instead.

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