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Thursday, January 5, 2012

TakePart: 30 Ways in 30 Days

TakePart is the digital division of Participant Media, which includes the documentary Food, Inc., which we have written about numerous times. From TakePart's mission statement:
TakePart produces a website, with a daily cycle of original articles and videos that inspire people to get involved. We believe that compelling stories and provocative information creates curiosity, builds awareness and propels people to make positive social change in their everyday lives.
As part of that mission, they've compiled a fantastic calendar for the month of January, called 30 Ways in 30 Days, and it's filled with informative links and ideas to effect change in your own world. For example, today's suggestion is to Give Blood during National Blood Donor month. Yesterday's was to pledge to exercise 30 minutes, daily, and included apps to help with motivation. At the bottom of each action is an entry form to a Sierra Club Giveaway, that includes one Sierra Club outdoor adventure and a one-year membership.

We encourage you to look at some of the ideas on the 30 Ways calendar and adopt a few of them. Let 2012 be the year you make a difference. Our Daily Green will be showcasing some of these tips throughout the month. We'd love to hear from you with your favorite ideas or tips.

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