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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Allergy relief green

Our Daily Green's family has a number of skin and sinus allergies. We try to avoid the sources of allergies, but frequently, the source of allergies is inside the home, whether it be dust mites or pet dander. We love our dog, but he even has allergies! In our unending quest to live as naturally as possible, the idea of taking antihistamines on a daily basis is not attractive. So we try to control the allergens themselves. Frequent vacuuming and dusting helps, but with a dog in the house, it's as if he spreads his hair around the house like confetti at a parade.

As we've tried to purify our daily life with organic food, filtered water, and natural cleaning products, it seemed logical to also clean the air we breathe. A few weeks ago, we received an offer to review an indoor air purifier system. With a big achoo, while watching our dog scratch and lick himself, we accepted the offer.

For the past 4 weeks, we've run the Holmes Air Purifier in our daughter's bedroom which is also where the dog sleeps. We are going to report the full results of our product test next week, but must say we're amazed at what the filter has removed from the air.

Stay tuned for the results and our opinion of the Holmes Air Purifier!

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