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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Character Green

There is a saying,  Character is what you do when nobody is looking. 

I want to share a few moments with my readers about some things I saw when nobody was looking this past weekend.

Our Daily Green is heavily involved in local charity and causes. We are participants in our local Relay for Life to benefit the American Cancer Society. We believe in Hope, Cure, and Honor.

I had the honor this weekend of spending time with some young women of honor. These young women didn't know or care who was looking.

A few months ago, a favorite middle school history teacher was diagnosed with cancer and had to retire prematurely (after about 42 years!) to undergo treatment. The school banded together and under the direction of Ms. Sabrina Eaton, started a Relay for Life team. The premise of a Relay for Life is that since cancer never rests, neither will the fundraising/awareness event. To participate in the Relay, each team must commit to having someone on the track the duration of the event. Last year, I personally walked 24 hours with the companionship of my 15 year old daughter.

We are not unbiased. One of the mini Greens pledged to walk the entire 24 hours. She was inspired by previous Relays. She is 14. As she began her walk, a few of her friends were curious and pledged to also walk. I must point out that these young students had no idea what the next 24 hours would hold. Some of them had planned it, but none of them really knew what it would be like. But then again, who knows when a deadly disease will strike?

As the evening, night, morning, afternoon wore on, this team of 8th grade girls walked. There were tears and laughter, silly and serious moments. They didn't stop. I am in awe; absolutely, completely in awe. These brave and strong young women set their minds to do something and like the Nike commercial, "Just Did It". They were honored for setting the record for being the youngest ever Ironman participants.

To: Maddy, Gillian, Theresa, and Francine? You are Iron. You are solid and you are brave. You are commited. You rock.

You are heroes.
You are loved.

Thank you for proving our future matters.

DONATE HERE, thank you !

Team Reel, Relay for Life

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