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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Eco-advantages to Paper Cartons: Infographic and Contest Announcement

While recycling is becoming more commonplace around the nation, now the question remains what sorts of materials are the easiest to recycle. Our Daily Green has discouraged the use of plastic whenever possible because while it can be recycled, the demand for replacements remains, as plastic bottles and bags do not become plastic bottles or bags again. In order to make more plastic bottles and bags, new virgin petroleum must be used. Paper cartons are a much better consumer choice from an earth-friendly view.


Our friends at Choose Cartons want to hear from you! They want to know how YOU make earth-friendly choices when you shop. Tell them how on their Facebook page and you will be entered to win a weekly prize as well as the grand prize of a Trek bicycle valued at $900. The Trek bicycle is built in a way that reduces manufacturing impact and shipped with packing made from 70-90% recycled materials.

  • Weekly Prize #1 – TraveLite Messenger Bag from GoLite
  • Weekly Prize #2 – 2 Organic cotton t-shirts from Green Living Daily
  • Weekly Prize #3 – Proof Eyewear Gift Card for $75.00 
  • Weekly Prize #4 – REI Gift Card for $75.00
  • GRAND PRIZE - Trek bicycle! 

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