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Friday, April 19, 2013

Share and Tell for Earth Week

Did you know that for every pound of new goods produced, 71 pounds of waste are generated during manufacturing? This Earth Week, NBCUniversal is partnering with the sharing site yerdle to help you minimize your impact on the planet by sharing your stuff. One person’s stuff is another person’s story!

Share and Tell
Borrowed Cupcake Tree
Our Daily Green has several sharing stories. One of the formal dresses in our house has been worn to three different dances, by three different girls. I love their sense of ingenuity! They all looked wonderful and different in the same dress!

We also love to entertain at our house, but entertaining can be expensive with serving dishes, punch bowls, utensils, tableclothes, etc. We have gotten in the habit of asking to borrow or offering to share anything we have to the point where we have a rotating party pack. 

Yesterday, I just borrowed the beautiful cupcake tree shown in this photo to use for an upcoming party. It's one of the prettiest serving items I've ever seen and what was fantastic was before I even asked if I could borrow it, my friend offered. Seems like she knew I would ask! 

For Earth Week, our friends at yerdle and NBCUniversal are have some fun games for our readers and a chance to win. Just leave a comment telling us about something you either borrow or lend someone on a regular basis to qualify for a special Green is Universal gift pack. Let's "shop" in each other's houses. If you want to share this promotion with friends, we also encourage that activity as well. 

Happy Share and Tell week! 

Our winner will be chosen on April 30th, at midnight EST. Promotional consideration in partnership with NBCUniversal and yerdle sharing site. 

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