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Monday, April 22, 2013

Get your garden going with Sprout It!

What day is better to start your garden than Earth Day? Well, interestingly enough, depending on where you live, today may NOT be the best day to start a garden. You may have missed the day or it may be in a few weeks. 

Gardening is not difficult, but it does take a little planning. With increasing concern for locally sourced food, it's tough to get much more local than your own yard. Our Daily Green has always had some sort of little garden because I truly cannot imagine a summer without picking a tomato right off the vine and eating it in the sunshine. In fact, my oldest child's first food was actually a tomato. I had seated her in her high chair out on our the covered deck of our first home. As I was picking fresh tomatoes, she grabbed one right off the ledge and started gumming it. I couldn't believe when I looked up to see her toothless smiling face with tomato seeds dripping down her chin. What a great gardening memory! Over the years, we've grown an assortment of herbs and vegetables for our family, although some years were more successful than others. 

Sprout ItI grew up on a farm so I always "knew" or could ask Mom any gardening question I had. That isn't the case with most beginning gardeners. It can also be a bit intimidating as an amateur to try to formulate questions for an expert gardener. Don't fear, now there is an app for that! The folks at Sprout It! have formulated a gardening app for anyone from novice to expert gardener. You can learn when to plant seeds outdoors, what gardening zone you're in, and how to care for your new plants from seed to food. 

And according to the experts at Sprout It, today is a great day to start my basil indoors, but not to sow seeds outdoors. I can almost taste the fresh pesto! 

If you're ready to start a garden, Sprout It is ready to help you succeed. 

Happy Growing! 

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