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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Are you ready to move?

Several years ago, Our Daily Green's family was transferred to a town about 90 miles away. Though the move was in 2007, there are still boxes of stuff remaining unpacked in our home. Some of those items are childhood memorabilia that will remain packed until our children have a place of their own, but other boxes are simply things we've managed to live without for all that time. 

With our oldest child heading to college in the fall, it seemed that many of the things we no longer were using could be purged, but we didn't want them to end up in a landfill. Child sized golf clubs, a little red wagon, and camping equipment found second lives through an online sales forum. Outgrown clothing and well loved books were donated to appropriate charities. CDs and DVDs were sold through a used media group. Old electronics were properly recycled during a electronics recycling drive through one of the high school booster groups. Earth911 is an excellent resource if you need to know the appropriate place to dispose of something. 

When we moved, our movers told us to estimate that every year together resulted in 1000 pounds of "stuff". In other words, our family had been together 18 years at the time, and sure enough, we had 18,000 pounds of things in our move. It was a daunting consideration and we've made a concerted effort to find appropriate homes for much of our stuff since then. We adopted a philosophy to "live like we'll have to move" and try to keep nothing that we aren't currently using. 

How many boxes do you still have to unpack from your last move? Have you found new homes for items you no longer use? Purge now or move it later... remember, 1000 pounds of stuff for every year.

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