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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day -- Freedom from Wastefulness

This week, Our Daily Green's theme has been looking to our national past, and recognizing that we have a strong heritage of conservation, resourcefulness, and mindful eating. These are themes repeatedly addressed in this blog. Ultimately, what resonates most strongly is that embracing a life without waste is truly patriotic.

Somewhere along the line, as we became prosperous, we began to equate plenty with freedom to waste. Today, I would like to encourage anyone reading this to shift their paradigm. I am not opposed to prosperity, I am opposed to wastefulness. We as a nation should also be more mindful. During the first and second World Wars, we were encouraged to conserve fuel, water, and to recycle. We were asked to grow gardens and to save seeds. It's ironic that seed saving now is considered illegal according to the Supreme Court. It's ironic that we spend more time defending wasteful practices than we could if we just saved.

My wish for this year's Independence Day is that we free ourselves from wastefulness. I want to declare independence from the notion that if we have a lot, it's acceptable to waste it. We need stop using items once and thrown out. We recycle, we reuse, we look to the things that last.

We remember that what makes our nation strong is not how much we throw out, but how much we value what we have and preserve it. Let's take today and reflect on our history to let it shape our future.

Happy Independence Day! 

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