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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Keeping carpets clean for allergy relief

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One of the common misconceptions in the treatment of allergies is to get rid of the carpet in a home. While indoor air quality is a growing concern, consumers do not need to forego comfortable flooring in order to improve the quality of the air. Contrary to popular belief, carpet, and especially clean carpets, may even be safer for an allergy sufferer than bare floors. Walking on hard surfaces disturbs more dust and mite particles. When these particles become airborne, they are more apt to enter the breathing zone. Conversely, a carpet holds those same particles stationary and they can be vacuumed with a hypoallergenic vacuum to keep the particles from recirculating without ever becoming airborne again.

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Cleaning carpets will keep pet dander, grass and tree pollen, fungus, bacteria, mites and pollutants from cigarette smoke and other fumes out of the fibers of the carpet. Experts recommend that carpets be cleaned at minimum once a year, but more frequently for allergy sufferers. Regular cleaning will keep any allergies, asthma, or breathing problems minimized from the particles in the carpet.

In addition to carpets, it is also important to keep draperies and upholstered furniture clean so they don't trap and hold the same allergens. The primary methods professionals use to clean are hot water/steam, dry extraction, rotary shampoo, and absorbent pads. A professional can discuss which method is best for your home and which option is the most environmentally friendly for your family.

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